From "Ain't It Cool News":


January 30, 2005

Hey folks, Harry here -- I've been out of the loop so far from commenting on SUNDANCE this year due to me having no internet during the blizzard in Boston and then recently I've been nursing a severly sprained ankle I got on my way back from Boston - (Beware of icey gantries) I have to say - I'm dying to see CHUMSCRUBBER and the musical REEFER MADNESS and can't wait to bring both to Austin as soon as possible. Anyway - for the billionth year in a row - we got Memento Man giving us the rundown on the competition playing out there. If you're there - let us know what's sailing your flag, sounds like a good fest so far! Here ya go...


Snow for the first time at this year's festival! Here's what I've been seeing while people outside have been slip-sliding around:


(Andy Fickman, 2005)

The most fun you'll have at Sundance this year. Outrageous musical adaptation of the LA/Off-Broadway stage production that was itself a parody of the 1938 propagandistic film warning parents about the dangers that marijuana pose for their youngsters. Here, Christian Campbell is Jimmy who, along with girlfriend Mary Lane (Kirsten Bell) are seduced into using weed by the insidious Jack (Steven Weber) and his addict-girlfriend Mae (Ana [so this is what I've been doing since I disappeared from SNL] Gasteyer). Alan Cumming steals the show, however, as the Lecturer who presents the film REEFER MADNESS to the parents of the town. Between its extreme violence, its blasphemy of Catholic ritual, and its unfair depiction of Satan, REEFER MADNESS should have something to offend just about everyone.



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