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Rev. Robert James Devine, Assassin of Youth: Marihuana

". . . THE DOPE begins its DEADLY WORK of arousing SEXUAL PASSIONS . . . with no restraint as to COLOR or RACE!"

Federal Bureau of Narcotics Chief Harry J. Anslinger


August 14, 1937

"A California man DECAPITATED HIS BEST FRIEND while under the violent spell of the smoke!"

The Keynote
Jan/Feb 1941

"Some of the so-called ‘jazz hounds’ who think that their talents show off best when ‘high’ should take a trip to Eloise Hospital and see the WRECKED HUMAN BEINGS there, GIBBERING IDIOTS . . . Now they CAN’T THINK AT ALL!"

The American Scholar (Phi Beta Kappa)
Winter 1938/9

"Children of addicts are said to be inferior; in parts some of India, where hashish has long been used to excess, whole communities are IMBECILIC AND MORALLY DEGRADED!"

Earle Albert Rowell & Robert Rowell, On the Trail of Marihuana the Weed of Madness

"Under [MARIHUANA’S] influence, PRISON INMATES FALL DESPERATELY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER, just as they would with women outside prison walls!"

Harry J. Anslinger
The American Magazine

"If the hideous MONSTER FRANKENSTEIN came face to face with the MONSTER MARIHUANA, he would DROP DEAD OF FRIGHT!"

Harry J. Anslinger

"REEFER makes DARKIES think they’re as good as white men."

The Christian Century
June 29, 1938

"In some districts inhabited by Latin Americans, Filipinos, Spaniards and Negroes, HALF THE CRIMES are attributed to the marijuana craze!"

Scientific American
May 1938

"Marijuana is ‘a more dangerous drug than heroin or cocaine . . . ’ The drug is adhering to its old word traditions of MURDER, ASSAULT, RAPE, PHYSICAL DEMORALIZATION, and MENTAL BREAKDOWN!"

Earle Albert Rowell & Robert Rowell, On the Trail of Marihuana the Weed of Madness

"MARIHUANA is sometimes used as a means to WHITE SLAVERY . . . the sheriff raided the disreputable houses of the city and found the missing girls ‘working’ there . . . their stories revealed MARIHUANA as the bait and cause of their downfall!"

Col. Levi G. Nutt, head of the Narcotics Division of the US Treasury Dept, quoted in Hearst newspapers nationwide
Dec 8 circa 1929

"I’d rather see MY CHILDREN up against a wall and see them SHOT DOWN BEFORE MY EYES than to know that any one of them was going to be A DRUG SLAVE!"

New York Times
Sep. 16, 1934

"Users of marijuana become STIMULATED as they inhale the drug and are LIKELY TO DO ANYTHING. Most crimes of violence in this section, especially in country districts are laid to users of that drug."

Annie Laurie’s column, Hearst newspapers nationwide
date unknown

"Was it marijuana, the new Mexican drug, that nerved the murderous arm of Clara Phillips when she hammered out her victim’s life in Los Angeles? . . . THREE-FOURTHS OF THE CRIMES of violence in this country today are committed by DOPE SLAVES - that is a matter of cold record."

And more recently:
Ronald Reagan

"Permanent brain damage is one of the inevitable results of the use of marijuana."

White House Drug Czar Carlton Turner

"Marijuana leads to homosexuality . . . and therefore to AIDS."

Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton

"Marijuana is ten times more dangerous than twenty years ago."

Presidential Candidate Bill Clinton

"I didn’t inhale."


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